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behind their aggressiveness is still the universal
trouble, that surplus of young men.?
Seen in this broader vision, the present war
falls into its true proportions as a stupid conflict
upon secondary issues, which is delaying and
preventing an overdue world adjustment. That
it may kill hundreds of thousands of people does
not alter that. An idiot with a revolver can
murder a Mnily. He remains an idiot.
From 1914 to 1939 has been a quarter of a
century of folly, meanness, evasion and resent-
ment, and only a very tedious and copious
historian would attempt to distribute the blame
among those who had played a part in the story.
And when he had done it, what he had done
would not matter in the least. An almost over-
whelmingly difficult problem has confronted us
all, and in some measure we have all of us lost
our heads in the face of it, lost our dignity, been
too clever by half, pinned ourselves to cheap solu-
tions, quarrelled stupidly among ourselves. " We
have erred and strayed. . . . We have left undone
those things that we ought to have done and we
have done those things which we ought not to
have done and there is no health in us,M
I do not see any way to a solution of the pro-
blem of World Peace unless we begin with a
confession of universal wrong-thinking and
E                          65